Patient expectations regarding consultation with a family doctor: a cross-sectional study




Cross-Sectional Studied, Models, Biopsychosocial, Communication Referral, Primary Health Care


Background. The patient needs from the doctor things such as interest visual contact, empathy,
of this and the most important thing is good treatment and diagnosis, However, the patient usually did not receive the level of requirement from their doctors.
Objective. Evaluate the expected requirement regarding family history and other doctors and
care providers, end find out what the patient expected from family physicians in multi- hospitals
and health care centers in the middle east.
Methods. We use a cross-sectional descriptive type of study in which we observe, and by questionnaires, we collect the data from the patient attending many hospitals and health care centers. In this questionnaire we ask about 10 questions about patient expectations and if the doctor meets this
need or Not, and all these data are receded and analyzed using data analysis programs such as excel and Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) v 20.
Results. About 1461 patients are enrolled in this study, most of them (91% female). The main age of the patient is about 31, and information about patient expectations was collected from 92% of the patient enrolled in the study; skills and information regarding care, interest, listening, and many other problems were required.

Conclusions. After using the questions, we were able to follow up and document our patients who showed a great need for attention during clinical interviews, and there was a noticeable lack of communication skills and the patient's need for attention, prevention, and care from the health specialist or the family doctor.



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